is a Java Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development platform build on top of NetBeans Platform. The main goal of Puzzle GIS is to create a base platform for the devlopment of GIS applications. Puzzle will fullfill the needs of all standard GIS application, offer a modular design and a customizable environment.

Why should I choose Puzzle ?

Multi-project at same time
Clear separation between Sources / Maps / Views
High-quality user interface
Any Operating System
Simple installation

Free, No ads or license limitations !

Latest GeotoolKit 3
ISO and OGC compliant
100 % Java, No gdal/ogr/proj4
Latest NetBeans platform 6.9
Standard Swing interface
Automated Maven build
Modular structure with NBM or OSGI
Update system
Java Web Start launcher
Installers for Win/Linux/MacOS/Solaris
DCVS repository (Mercurial)

LGPL license !

Can I use Puzzle for commercial purpose ? Yes !

- NetBeans platform is under GPL+CE
- GeotoolKit is under LGPL
- Puzzle-GIS is under LGPL